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Small household electrical appliances Safety Knowledge

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Now a lot of family life, in addition to the traditional people to buy electricity, there are a lot of people will pursue the quality of life, for the home to add a lot of practical and convenient small household electrical appliances. These small appliances not only bring convenience to daily life, but also bring some security risks if not used properly. Below, for you to share some of the safety of the use of small household electrical appliances.
Electric kettle: in order to ensure safety, the use of electric kettle, be sure to cut off the power, electric kettle must be placed on the use of non burning base, no other combustible around. Water should not be too full to prevent the opening of the water overflow caused by short circuit, triggering a fire.
Electric cooker: rice cooker to make soup, don't forget to even cut off the power supply. Electric heating plate and the inner pot surface can not be stained with rice and other debris, to ensure both close contact. To avoid collision in the pot, such as inner pot deformation, replaced immediately, when used in the pot, the electric heating disc contact closely, do not use an ordinary aluminum pot inside the pot instead of. The electric rice cooker, electric heating plate and the switch to avoid water cleaning, do not pull the illegal supply power to electric cooker, electric cooker power consumption is large, if the contact switch is loose, easy to cause fire.
Electric iron: the use of electric iron, the operator do not easily leave. In the intermittent ironing clothes to iron, erected or placed in an iron frame on the special, must not be placed in flammable items, also do not have electric irons in the combustible materials of iron or other items.
Hair dryer: use the hair dryer, people can not leave, not just the dryer will set aside in the desk stool, sofa mattress or other combustible materials, to develop the use of power line will be completed from the power socket habits, especially in power outages or blower failure.
Blanket: the electric blanket, people can't stay away. The use of ordinary type electric blanket temperature control, when the temperature reaches the desired temperature, the power should be cut off. The electric blanket, if not hot or other abnormal phenomena, should immediately disconnect the power overhaul. The use of electric blankets, such as temporary power, disconnect the power, to prevent the Geng power. Due to power through time is too long, no one to take care of the fire. The blanket must pay attention to moisture, especially infants and life can not take care of the patient, should always check the blanket temperature and humidity, water wet blanket should be dry after use. The blanket is dirty, only brush, not to rub his hands, to prevent electric wire broken.
Electric heater: the use of electric heater, should avoid the electric heater and the surrounding items on too close, to promptly set short-circuit, leakage protection devices, in order to prevent the occurrence of risk. To prevent the insulation of long-term heat aging caused by short circuit. The most important point is that the long-term operation of the voltage or low voltage to prevent the risk of long-term operation.
It is worth mentioning that, in order to prevent any "if", recommended that users at home with some professional fire extinguishers, fire fighting skills and familiar with the event of an accident, when the fire be sure to use the fire extinguisher, don't put out the fire with water, otherwise it would be counterproductive, and may appear danger.

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