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The reason and maintenance method of electric fan does not turn

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Reasons for the electric fan does not turn:
1, the first thought should be motor lubrication is not enough, resulting in the wind after the motor can not be mounted on the drag. You remove the wind leaf, plug in the power, if the shaft can rotate, that is the question, if not that other problems.
2, your fan is not overheating, overheating will cause the motor load capacity variation, the active power of the motor is low, unable to drive the load.
3, secondly, you also have to consider the electric fan for how long, the motor will loss, motor shaft wear, easy to burn. The motor is used for a long time, also makes the motor resistance increases, the load capacity is low, unable to drive the wind leaf rotation.
4, there is a start capacitor capacity becomes small, although the nameplate written on those parameters, but for a long time, the capacitance can be reduced, leading to the starting torque of the motor is small, not to drive the load. This simple, remove the capacitor, and then go for a new, the same model should be no problem. But it is better to change a larger than the original 20%, will be relatively good results.
Maintenance method for electric fan without turning:
1, if the hand struck the blade rotation stiffness after the power is turned off, you should use some oil drops into the shaft, so it can be lubricated, it will not affect the motor fan.
2, the fan blade caused by the wear does not rotate, the most simple or replacement parts, especially if the wear sleeve, easy to burn.
3, if the capacitor capacity becomes small caused by the fan does not turn, you can remove the capacitor, for a new capacitor of the same model, it is recommended to select a larger than the original 20% of the capacitor, there will be a better effect of rotation.
4, if it is because of electrical failure, you can check the wiring of the lines, and sometimes damaged wires and so on, you can repair the problem.

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